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In House Counsel Services

Tanger Law Center provides sound legal advice to businesses of all sizes. Our in-house counsel services enable companies with ongoing or frequent legal needs to reduce legal fees while maximizing the legal assistance they receive. By working with Tanger Law Center, your business is working with a law firm that understands business and is dedicated to your success. We understand your desire to keep costs low while maximizing profits. In many cases, our legal guidance can help achieve these goals and serve as an integral part of your ongoing business strategy.

Boston In House Counsel Services

Our various in house counsel services enable businesses to do what they do best – make money without unnecessary interruption. As a small business owner himself, Todd Tanger understand the economic and legal climate in which Boston businesses and other enterprises throughout Massachusetts exist. Let Todd and the Tanger Law Center serve as your guide in navigating the many legal requirements of running a business. From local photographers to national corporations, there is no business too big or too small for Tanger Law Center to help.

Massachusetts In House Counsel Services

There are many law firms that provide business law services. But here at Tanger Law Center, our approach is a little different. Rather than focus on the possibility of profiting from our clients, we focus on how our clients can profit from us. We help businesses make those decisions that will provide for a sustainable future and help them avoid costly legal mistakes. We work with each business, serving as both legal advisors and consultants, to ensure that the decisions made are those decisions that most benefit your operations.

Guidance on Legal Issues

Imagine having the knowledge and advice of a professional attorney at your fingertips. Imagine ditching the traditional, inefficient billable hours charged by attorneys for more economical and advantageous legal decisions. If your business needs legal guidance or general legal support, Tanger Law Center can provide the scalable business law solution that meets your needs. Whether you need a full-time legal staff or advice every few months, Tanger Law Center can develop a legal support plan that meets your budget. Our general counsel services enable your business to seek the aid of a qualified attorney on a regular basis while avoiding the wasted time and money generally associated with retaining an attorney. If you own or operate a business, non-profit, or any other organization in Massachusetts, contact Tanger Law Center to discuss your options.

Prevent Legal Catastrophes

One of the easiest ways for a business to avoid costly legal mistakes is to retain an attorney to provide legal advice. Unfortunately, the reality of the legal profession is that most attorneys can only expend resources on those clients that pay an hourly fee for their services. Because of this, if a new law or other factor may have a potential impact on your business, it is unrealistic to expect an attorney you previously retained to alert you of the new development. But with Tanger Law Center’s in-house counsel services, these worries and legal threats quickly become a thing of the past.

Best Legal Practices for Massachusetts Businesses

Implementing a legal plan that includes a set of best practices is a sound business strategy. Yet, many small businesses fail to take this step and pay dearly for that failure. Tanger Law Center believes that businesses of all sizes should have legal protection and an attorney ready to fight for them in the event that a conflict occurs. Whether you have never hired an attorney or need outside counsel to provide a second opinion, Tanger Law Center can help to insulate your business from compliance penalties and other negative, legal outcomes.

Massachusetts Business Law Interpretation and Compliance

Most businesses will encounter a time when a state, local, or federal statute will directly impact their industry and how they handle a particular business situation. These statutes, also known as laws, can be as simple as a change in the IRS’ federal tax guidelines or as complex as a restriction on the import of a particular product that has been made in a particular country, then exported through a particular mode of delivery. Failing to understand those laws which directly impact the way you may legally operate your business can be costly and even illegal. Tanger Law Center provides legal consulting services to businesses that need to ensure compliance. If your business is in need of legal expertise, call Tanger Law Center to learn what Tanger can do for you.

Understanding Your Business is Step One

Many law firms will claim they can help your business before they have any idea what it is that your business does. Here at Tanger Law Center, we consider understanding the business that our clients conduct to be an important part of their ongoing legal strategy and needs. Each conversation with Tanger Law Center begins with a free consultation in which we learn about your business, its operations, and the legal challenges it may face. Once retained, Tanger Law Center goes to work to protect your business and help ensure its compliance with ever-changing business laws and regulations. Here at Tanger Law Center, we serve as more than legal counsel. We are partners in moving your business towards a successful and profitable future.

Boston In House Counsel Attorney

While many Massachusetts business law firms exist, few can offer the type of personal service offered by Tanger Law Center. Tanger Law Center’s in-house counsel services allow businesses in Boston and throughout the state of Massachusetts to focus on what they do best – making money. Let Tanger Law Center provide the legal guidance your business needs to be successful and avoid legal woes. Tanger Law Center understands how to reduce the legal fees associated with business disputes and the regulations that Massachusetts businesses are required to follow. Tanger Law Center works with each client to find the solution that best fits their business law needs. Call us today at (617) 800-9614 for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Boston's North Shore and Beyond

The Tanger Law Center works with legal clients throughout Boston, its suburbs, and the state of Massachusetts. Whether you are in need of a Boston business lawyer, a Massachusetts mediator, or an attorney in Essex County, the Tanger Law Center can help.