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Estate Planning and Administration

When an individual dies, the assets left behind as part of the decedent’s estate must be distributed by an appointed executor. A properly planned estate results in lower legal fees, certainty as to who will inherit your assets, and peace of mind. Tanger Law Center can help individuals and families in need of estate planning and administration throughout Boston, the North Shore, and Massachusetts. Whether you need a basic will or have a multi-million dollar estate with a complex series of assets, Tanger Law Center can lend a helping hand.

A Boston Estate Planning Attorney that Cares

Many attorneys view the probate process as a money making tool – the longer the process is drawn out, the more the attorney makes. In many cases, this can lead to a total estate of significantly less value than before attorneys became involved. The Tanger Law Center approach is different. We work with individuals and families that want to reduce the burden of legal fees that are necessitated by their passing or the passing of a loved one. We listen to our clients’ concerns and offer options that best-serve families as the probate process begins and an estate is distributed.

Estate Planning Services

There is a wide array of estate planning services that can help reduce the cost of distributing your estate upon your death and speeding up the legal process. Tanger Law Center understands that when a loved one passes, the emotional toll is hard enough – a lengthy legal process should be avoided whenever possible. We can work with you to address your estate planning concerns and represent your best interests, both now and upon the necessity of estate administration.


Probate is an often-dreaded, complicated process. Throughout the probate process, the executor is responsible for managing the assets of the estate and satisfying those debts legally owed by the estate. The executor is left to deal with the courts and becomes responsible for making important decisions, like whether to sell your assets, how to appraise your estate, which debts must be satisfied, and how assets must be distributed. During probate, it is easy for an executor to make a mistake and put the entire estate in jeopardy. Todd Tanger and Tanger Law Center understand the complexities of probating an estate in Massachusetts and can help you navigatre through the process. Don’t make a costly probate mistake, call Tanger Law Center today.

Will Formation and Interpretation

If you own a home, vehicle, stock account, 401K, or have a net worth of more than ten thousand dollars, making your own will online is a bad idea. A will, when properly made, is a complex legal tool that guarantees your assets will be divided as you wish and your end of life decisions will be followed. Utilizing an attorney to make your will serves as a safeguard that your directives will be followed, your estate will be protected, and disputes will be settled in accordance with the law. Whether you have yet to form a will, need to modify an existing will, or have a question about a will made by another attorney, Tanger Law Center is here to help.

Transfer of Business Upon Death

Family. It’s the one thing in this life that cannot be taken away and your most precious asset. Family isn’t just a word or a delightful thought, it is at the very core of who we are. When we pass on from this place, our family is the one thing we leave behind and the one thing we wish to help sustain into the future. For many business owners, the best way to help their family is to leave their business to loved ones and in the hands of those most capable of keeping that business alive and profitable. As an attorney and small business owner, Todd Tanger understands this desire. If you would like to discuss how Tanger Law Center can help you arrange for the transfer of your business and its assets upon your death, call us today. We are happy to discuss the legal process and options available.

Healthcare Directives

We all have them – our “final wishes.” Although these directives may be difficult to think about, it is important that the future be considered and medical decisions be made in case there comes a time when we are able to make such directives on our own. The trauma a family feels when forced to make a medical decision for a loved one can be traumatic and scarring. Many people choose to create healthcare directives to lift the burden of making medical decisions on their behalf and guarantee that they receive the healthcare they wish to receive. Intelligent individuals put their healthcare directives in their own hands – yours should be no different. Tanger Law Center can work with you to create medical directives and healthcare directives that serve your needs and desires in the event tragedy strikes. Call today for a free consultation.

Estate Disputes

Disputes over the estate of a deceased individual are commonplace both in society and in courtrooms. These disputes can arise for a variety of reasons – personal conflict, asset allocation, business ownership, debt, family troubles. Tanger Law Center understands that estate disputes often carry a great deal of emotion and involve family members and loved ones. Although a difficult time, there are few times in life when it becomes as important to protect your legal rights. If you are involved in a dispute over an estate or are acting as a trustee and do not know where to turn, turn to Tanger Law Center. Tanger Law Center understands the complexities of estate administration and the emotional difficulties of becoming involved in a dispute over the estate of a loved one. We can help you navigate these challenges and seek the best possible outcome, whether inside or outside of a courtroom.

Massachusetts Estate Planning Law Firm

As a Massachusetts estate planning law firm, Tanger Law Center understands how to reduce the legal fees associated with administering an estate and the emotional toll that can often be caused by drawn out estate battles. As a local law firm with a local attorney, Tanger Law Center works with each client to find the solution that best fits their estate planning needs. Call us today at (617) 800-9614 for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Boston's North Shore and Beyond

The Tanger Law Center works with legal clients throughout Boston, its suburbs, and the state of Massachusetts. Whether you are in need of a Boston business lawyer, a Massachusetts mediator, or an attorney in Essex County, the Tanger Law Center can help.