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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses the non-criminal legal processes used before, during, and after a dispute enters a courtroom. Each legal dispute is different, especially in a state like Massachusetts, where laws are complex, personal relationships are many, and businesses and individuals frequently collide. Tanger Law Center is not here to judge you, your actions, or on which side of an issue you may stand – we are here to advocate on your behalf when you need an experienced Boston based attorney in your corner.

Not all disputes require court interference, nor can every dispute be solved before courtroom intervention becomes necessary. That is why Tanger Law Center will work closely with you to determine your options and analyze how those options align with your goals. Whether you wish to sue another party or simply need an evaluation of your legal options, Tanger Law Center offers competitively priced legal services with a focus on you. You can call a big law firm where you will be lost in the shuffle, or you can call Tanger Law Center right now and speak directly with Massachusetts attorney Todd Tanger: (617) 800-9614.

Civil Litigation Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Todd Tanger isn’t just a civil litigator – he’s an attorney and businessman that understands when a case is worth pursuing and when other options may serve as the most logical solution. Don’t rush to conclusions or make a vital mistake in attempting to resolve your situation. Instead, turn to an attorney who cares about your situation and can help navigate the legal waters in which you may find yourself. When you need legal help, you need the Tanger Law Center and Boston attorney Todd Tanger.

Boston Civil Litigation Services

If you live in Boston, the North Shore, or Massachusetts, there will likely come a time in your life when a civil dispute arises that must be solved within the court system. You may wonder what an attorney may charge, how you will handle the situation you are involved in, or whether you need legal representation at all. Tanger Law Center can answer these questions and help put you on the path to a positive, legal outcome. Below is a listing of the various attorney and non-attorney civil litigation process services offered by Todd Tanger at the Tanger Law Center. If you need legal help or would like to speak with Todd directly, contact us now.

Courtroom Advocacy

The last thing you want if your case must go to court is an attorney that lacks the confidence and professionalism it takes to be successful in front of a seasoned judge. Boston is a tough city, you should have an equally tough attorney. Todd Tanger is a Boston attorney who can advocate on your behalf outside of the courtroom and the type of lawyer that you want in your corner. Guided by your best interests and preferable outcomes, Todd can advocate on your behalf to work towards achieving the result you desire in your case. Although no attorney can guarantee the specific results of a case, you will know you are in good hands working with a litigator as thorough, professional, and concise as Todd.

Settlement Negotiations

Most civil lawsuits settle out of court. While that may come as a surprise to fans of courtroom dramas, the reality is that settling a lawsuit out of court comes with its own benefits. Settlements can lead to reduced fees and better outcomes for the parties involved. But settling a case on your own can prove to be dangerous, leading to money left on the table and an outcome that is less favorable than may be obtained with an attorney. Todd Tanger at the Tanger Law Center knows the settlement process and has a reputation for relentlessly advocating and negotiating on behalf of his clients.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

At times, a dispute between two parties may be best solved without the intervention of the legal process. When parties work cooperatively to come to their own, self-guided resolution the process is known as mediation. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows two or more parties to come together to find a solution that best fits their needs – not the needs of the legal system. As a Boston mediator, Todd Tanger can assist you in bringing another party to the table to resolve differences and find a solution that works.

Depositions, Hearings, and Litigation

The civil litigation process does not begin and end in the courtroom. Litigation is a multi-step process that includes opportunities to reach agreements outside of the courtroom, advocate inside the courtroom, and conduct discovery to determine what an opposing party may be hiding. From depositions to pre-trial hearings, Tanger Law Center works tirelessly to ensure that our clients are met with professional legal representation. We understand that the legal process can be nerve racking, but we are here to serve as advocate, supporter, and friend as we work with you towards the most favorable legal outcome afforded under the legal system of the state of Massachusetts.

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You may be unsure if you are interested in pursuing a lawsuit – we get that. As a local law firm in the heart of Boston, Tanger Law Center understands the trepidation that may come with seeking legal aid from an experienced attorney. That is why our attorney works with each of our clients to guide them through the legal process and demystify the Massachusetts court system. You are one free consultation away from learning if your case may be worth pursuing. Call us today at (617) 800-9614 to discuss your legal needs, the Tanger Law Center is here for you.

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