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Business Law

As a small business owner and attorney, Todd Tanger, owner of Tanger Law Center, knows the finer aspects of representing the legal needs of businesses. As a small business owner himself, Todd understands the concerns that come with the day to day operations of a successful business. Businesses of all sizes can trust Tanger Law Center to represents their best interests in the legal arena and provide first-class representation.

If you do business in Massachusetts or are considering doing business in Massachusetts, your first call should be to Tanger Law Center. As a boutique business law firm located in Boston, Massachusetts’ most economically prosperous city, Tanger Law Center keeps a laser focus on developing business concerns and the surrounding legal environment.

Starting a Business in Massachusetts

Utilizing an attorney to form your business can save headache now and possible legal consequences in the future. From completing the articles of incorporation to appointing registered agents and considering the implications of different business structures, Tanger Law Center can help your business get started. Massachusetts offers a variety of business structures, each with its own requirements, benefits, restrictions, and fees. Tanger Law Center understands each of these aspects of business formation and can steer your business into the correct designation.

Business Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the business world, disputes happen. How you handle those disputes may make or break your company. Don’t rely on your own judgment or a friend’s advice to legally protect the business that you have worked tirelessly to build, turn to the resources and legal expertise of Tanger Law Center. Tanger Law Center can navigate business disputes of all types and aid your organization in choosing the most logical legal avenue to pursue. Whether you are dealing with an angry customer, owe money to a vendor, or are in dispute over the ownership of your company – Todd Tanger and the Tanger Law Center can help.

Business Law Services

Tanger Law Center offers a wide array of business services, custom-tailored to fit the needs of your business. Tanger Law Center works with clients throughout Boston, the North Shore, and Massachusetts to help navigate legal challenges and become best prepared for growth. Whether your business is a mom and pop shop or a multi-national corporation, Tanger Law Center offers the representation that you need to make your business grow. Our business law services take into consideration the needs of small business owners, challenges faced by CEOs, and considerations of partners at all levels of an organization. We treat your business like we would treat our own and work with you to find those solutions which best fit your legal needs.

Business Formation

Every business has to start somewhere, yours is no different. But each business structure comes with different benefits, requirements, and legal hurdles to clear. Tanger Law Center knows how to clear those hurdles. We aid our clients in choosing the best business structure for their particular situation. But our legal representation does not end with the first day you open your doors, launch your product, or begin your service. Tanger Law Center will be here to help as you continue to grow and expand your business and your legal needs become increasingly complex. Unlike LegalZoom or other fly by night incorporation operations, Tanger Law Center is a local law firm with the ability to help your business throughout its operations.

Contract Formation

At some point, virtually all businesses need to form a contract with a supplier, vendor, customer, competitor, or other party. That is why Tanger Law Center makes it a point to know and utilize contract law to our clients’ full advantage. If your business has recently reached a deal with another party or wants to make one, a contract will be a necessity. From simple partnership agreements to multi-million dollar mergers, Tanger Law Center can draft, interpret, and maintain contracts on behalf of your organization. Allow our knowledge in business law to become your advantage in commerce.

Contract Interpretation

When disagreements arise around business operations, contract disputes are nearly inevitable. Proper interpretation of a contract under the Uniform Commercial Code and the laws of the state of Massachusetts can help save your business thousands of dollars in legal fees. Whether you are seeking a second opinion on a contract, want to know whether you have a claim under the terms of a contract, or need a new contract that will improve your business’ current position, Tanger Law Center is here to help. Contract law is a focus at Tanger Law Center.


Litigation can be costly for a business of any size. Tanger Law Center can help plan your legal strategy to reduce possible legal expenses and consider alternatives. If alternative dispute resolution or settlement proves to be impractical, Tanger Law Center will go to bat for you in the courtroom. Unlike some small law firms, Todd Tanger at the Tanger Law Center does not fear standing up for small business owners in court and providing representation on their behalf. Do not put the future of your business in a small law firm that fears conflict or a big law firm where your business gets lost in the shuffle. Turn to Tanger Law Center for your business litigation needs.


In many businesses, a brand is among their most valuable assets. A business’ brand makes a statement to the quality, reputation, and consistency of a company’s product. When a brand is unprotected under trademark law, other companies may view the current time as open season on taking advantage of the image you worked so hard to create. To prevent such catastrophe, it is often necessary to register for a proper trademark. At other times, when another party has copied your trademark, it may be time to seek damages. Tanger Law Center can help you register your trademark, protect your brand, and get back to business.

Legal Advice

There are times when you may have a question about the opportunities afforded to your business under the law, be curious about a compliance issue, or wonder what your next move should be. The law isn’t always about courtroom disputes and heated battles. At times, the best legal representation a business owner can have is the ear of an attorney with a background in business to help decide the next steps a business will take. As both an attorney and successful Boston business owner, Todd Tanger can provide the necessary advice that will allow your business to move forward without becoming tangled up in legal troubles. Call Todd today for a free consultation.

Boston Business Attorney on the North Shore

As a law firm on Boston’s North Shore, Tanger Law Center understands the community and business environment in which your business operates. As a small law firm, Tanger Law Center has the ability to work with each client personally and devote the needed time to seek the best possible outcome. Call us today at (617) 800-9614 to discuss your legal needs.

Boston's North Shore and Beyond

The Tanger Law Center works with legal clients throughout Boston, its suburbs, and the state of Massachusetts. Whether you are in need of a Boston business lawyer, a Massachusetts mediator, or an attorney in Essex County, the Tanger Law Center can help.