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Do I need a lawyer with business experience?

Big firms think so! Read this great article on why big firms think lawyers need business experience and Attorney Todd Tanger has over twenty years of real world business experience working with for profits, non profits, publicly traded companies, mergers and acquisitions, financing, and more. Click the above title for the active link. Call Tanger

Why I need a lawyer?

Thank you for visiting the all new On this website you will find a wealth of information pertaining to the law. In the coming months we will post blogs on a variety of topics including the overall question of why you need a lawyer at certain times.

Boston's North Shore and Beyond

The Tanger Law Center works with legal clients throughout Boston, its suburbs, and the state of Massachusetts. Whether you are in need of a Boston business lawyer, a Massachusetts mediator, or an attorney in Essex County, the Tanger Law Center can help.