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Boston Attorney Todd Tanger

With a thriving business community and a $330 billion GDP, Boston is a mecca for entrepreneurs. If your business needs legal help, call Tanger Law Center. Our combination of legal and business experience can help your company navigate its next legal challenge.

From pre-trial hearings and depositions to courtroom advocacy and settlement negotiations, Tanger Law Center provides legal guidance in civil matters. As a Boston civil litigation law firm, we understand Massachusetts courtsand our clients' goals.

Wills, trusts, probate - the estate planning process is complex. You need a Boston estate planning attorney to manage your estate and prevent financial catastrophe. Tanger Law Center makes estate planning process easy.

When legal bills begin to pile up, it may be time to bring your legal team in-house. Tanger Law Center can aid your organization in reducing its legal costs and finding in-house solutions that are custom tailed for your business' needs.

Last year, more than 35 movies and TV shows were filmed in Massachusetts. Competitive tax incentives and a burgeoning entertainment industry have made Boston an attractive filming destination. We can help you navigate personal service, sponsorship, and advertising contracts.

Usure if you have a case? Want to know if your case is worth pursuing? Need to know where to begin? Receive a free consultation from Tanger Law Center. Our consultations are confidential and offered at absolutely no risk to you. Call (617) 800-9614 to get started.

Welcome to Tanger Law Center

A Business Savvy, North Shore Attorney

Tanger Law Center is a Boston law firm that focuses on business law, civil litigation, estate planning and other pertinent areas of the law. As a local law firm with strong community ties, Tanger Law Center is dedicated to serving legal clients throughout Boston, Boston's North Shore, Greater Massachusetts and beyond. As both an attorney and owner of the prominent local radio station North Shore 104.9, Todd Tanger has strong ties in the business community and personally understands the concerns of small business owners.

Why Choose Tanger Law Center

When it comes to personal attention, few can compete with Todd Tanger and the Tanger Law Center. As an attorney and a Boston local, Todd believes in aiding his clients in making legal decisions that are logical now and sustainable in the future.

An Ethical, Boston Law Firm

Rather than place the focus on the financial success of the Tanger Law Center, Todd employs a policy of placing the focus on the success of his clients. The Tanger philosophy is simple - when clients are put first, business will take care of itself. The Tanger Law Center is not another law firm on the North Shore, it is a community partner that represents, defends, and works with businesses and individuals that need legal counsel to help achieve favorable results. If you need legal help, Todd is glad to take your call at (617) 800-9614. Thank you for visiting.

Boston's North Shore and Beyond

The Tanger Law Center works with legal clients throughout Boston, its suburbs, and the state of Massachusetts. Whether you are in need of a Boston business lawyer, a Massachusetts mediator, or an attorney in Essex County, the Tanger Law Center can help.